Wednesday, April 26, 2017

" Fleecing the Sheeple"

Sundance at The conservative Treehouse is no fan of Ted Cruz or Rand Paul.
This is more than a little funny. Senator Ted Cruz must not be having much success fundraising for his re-election campaign, as his latest publicity stunt outlines: (build the wall and make El Chapo pay for it.)

In essence, the architect of Obama’s Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority bill is using the border wall, which he is paid to oppose, as a tool to “gruber” his sheeple followers. Judging by the number of people responding to the tweet, he’s found a goldmine.

As many people are aware, Senator Cruz is part of the ‘controlled opposition’ ploy. As a dedicated UniParty benefactor of the U.S. CoC lobbying expenditures Ted’s role is to plow through the political field giving a crony-constitutional impression of one thing while loyally working to deliver the end result of the thing he optically rails against, like TPP or TPA.

The El Chapo/wall angle as a narrative and fundraising mechanism, is similar to the dead-end ploy previously exhibited by Senator Rand Paul in last month’s ObamaCare repeal narrative used as his fundraising tool. Both are fallacies of false choice. Both have no foundation in actual goal or intention. Both are ruses.

Almost all of these donors are Washington DC lobbyists. All of them directly funding Ted Cruz, not a Super-PAC, his direct campaign. – SEE FOR YOURSELF – The entire statement:

…”I will never get — nor do I want — money from the DC lobbyists”…

…is a flat out lie. It is not a misstatement, it is a complete and total falsehood.

♦ Then take a look at the #2 Bullet Point: “After winning Iowa the Washington cartel is most certainly more determined than ever defeat me”. Again, look at the truth:

Stand for Truth is the Super-PAC of Mitch McConnell’s attorney. You don’t get much more “inside the DC cartel” than that. Notice they were funding support for Ted Cruz in Iowa.

It certainly doesn’t appear the DC Cartel was ever out to defeat Ted Cruz.

This is what we reference when we point out that almost all of Ted Cruz supporters have some weird ideological way to reconcile being lied to based on some odd, possibly religious, need to believe -against all common sense- what is factually taking place.

Even when presented with this factual information which proves, beyond any doubt, that Ted Cruz is lying to his supporters in his campaign letters, somehow they are able to disconnect themselves from the sunlight of truth and retain a belief he’s not lying to them. It’s odd, really odd.

Additionally, you might remember seeing Senator Rand Paul on TV for 10-consecutive-days (just this past March), proclaiming that RyanCare must be defeated.

Toward that end Senator Paul put on a tuxedo went to the House of Representatives, lobbied them personally, and handed out instructions and books telling Hillary’s Favorite Caucus (HFC) if they simply blocked President Trump and Secretary Price he (Paul) would, within two weeks, provide a clean repeal bill from the Senate. Senator Rand Paul said he and Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee already had the legislation written for the clean repeal. Senator Paul stated if the House members simply followed his plan he would guarantee the “repeal only” bill would advance within two weeks.

You see, this is where CTH refuses to be co-dependents in our own abuse. We fully understand, and more importantly ‘accept’, the DC UniParty congress has no intention of: Providing a budget to lower spending; repealing and replacing ObamaCare; allowing enforcement of immigration law to include deportation and a southern border wall.

It can be difficult to accept these realities. It can be difficult to confront your abuser. However, until the larger electorate understand the structural concept of the UniParty, there will be hours-upon-hours of talking in circles, and tens of thousands of column inches typed in an effort to reconcile the irreconcilable and avoid accepting the diagnosis:

….Battered Conservative Syndrome !

Codependent no more!
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