Friday, April 21, 2017

Rights versus responsibilities

Jordan Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He got into trouble with the Canadian thought police and now is speaking out fearlessly. He urges conservatives to speak the truth as they have come to know it.

Peterson is against postmodernism. He recommends we read a book by Stephen Hicks entitled Explaining Postmodernism. Postmodernists are not grateful. They are resentful, arrogant, and deceitful. They are opposed to the individual, logic, and dialogue. They slot themselves into victim vs. oppressor categories. The Left sells millennials rights. The Right sells responsibilities.

Peterson encourages us to not be afraid speak our truth. What we should be afraid of is not being! Don't underestimate the power of our speech! Your capacity for speech is divine! There is nothing more powerful than truth! It is not safe to speak, and it never will be! But it's even less safe not to speak! It is a balance of risks; you either pay the price for being who you are, or pay the price for being a bloody serf, one who has enslaved him or herself!

Say what you think carefully. Pay attention to your words. Truth is the cornerstone of society. Tell the truth, and see what happens. Don't lie. The enemy is a cloud of gnats. They are only courageous in groups or in mobs. Stand your ground. Be afraid, but be afraid of the right thing: not saying what you believe, because that is the same as not being! Here you are suffering away; you might as well be at the same time. At least then there is something to you!

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