Friday, April 21, 2017

Just grow up already!

Guest post by Suzann Darnall

I am about maxed out on the whiny brat baby butts who are filling the news, social media, sports, entertainment, schools, and just about anywhere one looks or lives nowadays. Would they please quit already and grow up. Or, just go away!

We live in what may well be the greatest nation in the world. Our citizens enjoy one of the highest levels of freedom to be found worldwide, even with the non-stop infringements of our rights by overreaching government and power-hungry politicians. While American society is not perfect, we do have more equality demonstrated than most countries and societies around the world. Americans may well have the overall best standard of living anywhere in the world. Even “poverty” in America for most comes with shelter, food, indoor plumbing, medical care, public education, private transportation, a cell phone, internet access, etc.

Yet, we still hear the constant complaining about sexism, racism, bigotry, intolerance, fascism, disenfranchisement, or whatever Progressive catchword is being used as the gathering banner for the next demonstration by often paid protestors. I am tired of it. I am tired of having to hear about how bad it is to live in America. How bad it is to be a woman in America. How bad it is to be a minority in America. Just flat sick and tired of hearing the constant litany of untruths.

The truth is that life is not all that bad here in the United States of America. Women are allowed to not only drive cars, they go out all by themselves to buy one, in any outfit of their choosing. Not only do men not get thrown off the roof for being gay, they can now marry their partners. All Americans, no matter their ethnicity, religion, or gender, have the right to vote and their vote is counted as one vote per person . . . except in the case of voter fraud, which is illegal and not a part of our system, unlike what is practiced in some countries.

However, when listening to so much of the media, the celebrities, and the Liberals, one would think the entire Constitution and the Bill of Rights no longer exists. One would gain the impression that American liberty is a thing of the past. Dead and gone. Well, they are sorta kinda right in a way. Many of our freedoms are being chipped away by those overreaching politicians, far too many intrusive government bureaucracies, and a whole blizzard of “snowflakes” demanding special treatment for themselves while limiting the rights of pretty much all others.

They demand tolerance, yet have no tolerance for those not of their mindset. They demand freedom of speech but would deny others the right to that same freedom by labeling dissenting opinions as “hate speech” and requesting all “hate speech” be banned. Aspects of this intolerance and demand for preferential treatment can be made into a list that pert near covers any rights listed anywhere in American documents.

Well, get over it! ALL Americans have all of the freedoms listed in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. If there is an occasional infringement, please go to the American Civil Liberties Union, the American Center for Law and Justice, or your local Congressman. Then, make a personal plea to get that wrong corrected. The laws are already in place to protect and defend your rights. We do not need another pink pussyhat protest or another redundant new law.

Not that I truly expect the whiny brat baby butts to truly go away anytime soon, but at least I have exercised my freedom and cleansed my soul with a bit of a rant. Now, to get on with the business of living my actually pretty good life in this actually very nice place to live. God bless America!


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