Thursday, April 20, 2017

Genital mutilation and identity politics

Tucker Carlson's April 19 show covered lots of news items, as usual. Perhaps the most interesting and urgent is that an arrest has been made in Michigan of a doctor who has been performing genital mutilation surgeries on little girls. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has the AHA Foundation trying to expose and deal with this horrendous practice. She says little girls as young as five-years-old are taken from their homes during summer vacation to other countries or to states that have no laws. Only 26 states have laws forbidding genital mutilation.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali says that the clitoris is removed on these little girls, then the labia sewn shut. It is done to kill the libidos of girls when they become teens or women to ensure their virginity.

Tucker asks her why have women's groups and human rights groups ignored this? Ayaan says it is because of identity politics. No one wants to be accused of Islamophobia!

500 to 1000 little girls are currently at risk or have already had this done to them.

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