Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Sanctuary workplaces," MS13 gang continues their gruesome violence, French elections, female genital mutilation, robotics

Tucker's first guest last night was an Oakland, Ca. City Councilman who had difficulty looking into the camera. Oakland's City Council has told the city's employers to be "sanctuary workplaces" and not report immigration violations.

Meanwhile, the MS13 gang who came to California from El Salvador, Guatamala, and Honduras, continue to commit gruesome crimes all across the country.The most recent murders were in Suffolk County, New York, near Long Island. A police commissioner there came on the program and alleged that MS13 is a bigger threat than ISIS! They prey on younger, vulnerable people, many of whom are here without parental guidance.

Other topics covered included poking fun at MSNBC, the French elections, and two more arrested in Michigan for female genital mutilation.

Mark Cuban says computers are becoming prescriptive, creating new answers. Hardest hit will be people whose jobs are repetitive. He says America is not in the lead in robotics, but should be! He didn't say who is ahead.

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