Monday, April 24, 2017

Government shutdown, are you an essential or non-essential worker, holding off on criticizing China, dreamers and non-dreamers, French election and the media, Laura's new book

The next thing I listened to at work today was today's Laura Ingraham show. Although Laura was an early and consistent Trump supporter, she is not a mindless cheerleader for him. She thinks he is making a mistake to hold back on criticizing China's dumping of steel on the world's markets. There has been a 19.6% increase so far this year. Trump is holding back criticism of China because he wants their help in dealing with the crazy dictator in North Korea. But, Laura believes China does not respect someone who backs down off previous criticism. There is something called "Market Economy Status" China is trying to get from the World Trade Organization, which Laura says would be disastrous to US interests.

Laura wonders if it is time to end our involvement in Afghanistan, where over 100 Afghan troops were killed this weekend.

One solid Trump supporter is Senator David Purdue of Georgia, who was a guest on today's show.

Government shutdown? Essential and non-essential workers? Laura criticized Republicans for once again failing to have a narrative ready three weeks before the shutdown date.

Laura notes how the media called the election results in France. Everything they said about Le Pen was negative; everything about Macron positive. The Establishment parties were rejected in the election.

Laura has a new book coming out in October entitled Billionaire at the Barricades, about Trump's election victory.

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