Monday, April 24, 2017

Western civilization, Obama's crease in his pants, the Left, #Never Trumpers, Ann Coulter, Berkeley

Are you like me in that you like to be thinking while doing mundane work? Andrew Klavan's podcasts work well in that regard. In this episode #300, he quotes from "The King of Knucklehead Row," David Brooks of the former newspaper called the New York Times. Brooks liked "classy" Obama, who did not believe in western civilization.

The University of California is so scared of a 100-pound woman, Ann Coulter, that they have to put on masks and beat people up.

Klavan says it is not a matter of class, but a matter of ideas. He talks with Michael Duran about the #Never Trumpers. Trump is more of a threat to them than he is to the Left. CNN has gone hard Left, and their ratings are up. The Never Trumpers continue to be critical of Trump, and he doesn't care; he has rejected their views. He doesn't care what they think!

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