Saturday, April 15, 2017

"It's always easier to surrender an inch at a time."

Mark Steyn believes freedom of speech is the bedrock issue of our time. On this video he interviews Canadian professor Jordan Peterson, who has followed a custom of putting his class lectures on YouTube, and gotten in trouble with those who criminalize free speech.

Are there people you think the government should shut up? Surely there are those whom we think propagate wacky ideas, but do we really want to empower government to shut them up?

Children are now being taught at a young age that gender is a matter of choice, not of biology. Sports have become the most politically correct arena. The most absurd issues are the ones governments pay the most attention to (gender-free bathrooms). There is an all out assault on western civilization. Peterson says, "Thought itself is considered to be an agent of oppression." In the late 60s Marxists transformed themselves into post-modernists, and we now we have identity politics.

Steyn emphasizes that this has happened because we have made so many incremental concessions. "It's always easier to surrender an inch at a time. But, if you are nice, sensible, and play footsie with them, their whole racket stays in place! Free people should oppose any official state ideology."

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