Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tom Brady and Bill O'Reilly in the news

Rush Limbaugh jumps into two controversial items in the news today. The first is the O'Reilly firing by Murdoch's sons, who are now running Fox News. Rush first pointed to the organized attempt to boycott O'Reilly's advertisers. Rush notes that these boycotts of advertisers are always against right-of-center media. Always. And they usually start at The New York Times, as this one did. Fox News, with O'Reilly as their anchor has been beating its competition in ratings since Fox debuted in 1997, according to Rush. The Left cannot win in head-to-head competition, either in t.v. or talk radio. The Left's Standard Operating Procedure is to destroy the opposition because they cannot compete head-to-head in the arena of ideas. He explained that they do this with "bots," scaring advertisers into thinking there are gigantic numbers of people opposing the center-right guy involved.

Rush also noted that the woman involved in the complaint against O'Reilly is now dating Anthony Weiner!

The other story was about Tom Brady's last-minute decision not to come to the White House yesterday to celebrate the Patriots Super Bowl victory. Rush noted that Brady's supermodel wife Giselle had tweeted some support for Leftist causes yesterday.

That was what I heard in listening to 21 minutes of the Rush Limbaugh show today.

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