Sunday, April 23, 2017

Not Cool

Are you, like me, a fan of Greg Gutfeld and also of Dana Perino? Here is a program they put on at the Bush library to promote Greg's book Not Cool.

Greg believes that one of the reasons people make bad decisions is because they want to be liked by "special" people. Who decides what is cool? Progressives. They take evil and put it in a prism of cool. Darkness is cool. Hollywood is against guns, unless they want to use them in a movie. It is cool to be a pacifist, as long as there is a patriot willing to risk death so you can have that freedom.

One of the concepts in Greg's book is the free radical. Example: Andrew Breitbart. Sense of humor, but resists the desire to be liked. Has a spine. Is a Happy Warrior. Combines humor with facts.

The politically correct progressives will smear you if they don't agree with what you are saying. Who is the referee? The media. Which is owned by the other side.

An audience member asks about plastic bags. Greg correctly points out that cloth bags are much more dangerous, because people do not wash them, and they then develop food-borne illnesses.

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