Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fox News, O'Reilly, liberals trying to make Africa a liberal colony, hate speech

Did you know Andrew Klavan has his own show on the Daily Wire? I did not, so I am pleased to learn of it.

Andrew has on a guest named Obianuju Ekeocha — a woman in a world-wide battle with the left. Uganda had a very successful program to combat AIDS. It was called ABC, which stood for abstinence, be faithful, and, if you can't be faithful, use condoms. Along comes Melissa Gates, pushing abortion and contraception. Obianuju points out that in Africa abortion is considered an abomination, and it is still not legal in most of Africa. Who is pushing this on Africa? Obama, Gates, George Soros, Hewlet Packard, Planned Parenthood, and Warren Buffet, among others. Obianuju points out that Africans are classical social conservatives, but the problem is that their leaders, like ours, can be bought offand are being bought off. Klavan points out that the Left are not accountable for results, only intentions. You can follow Obianuju's work at Culture of

Andrew discussed the fact that students at Wellesey College refer to speech they do not like as hate speech, because they disagree with it, and otherwise would have to listen to it, which they would hate. How do spoiled, whiney, privileged young women turn into NAZIs? Because the faculty also defends the practice of banning speech they disagree with.

Andrew discusses the Bill O'Reilly firing, and wonders why the success of Fox News has not been replicated.

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