Thursday, April 27, 2017

Wild boars killing ISIS, colleges shutting down free speech, faculty members with tenure hiding in cowardice, young thugs beating and robbing BART passengers, Obama raking in Wall Street cash

Tucker Carlson's show last night covered everything from wild boars to college campuses. The wild boars came out of some woods to attack ISIS, killing three and injuring several more. Do you realize how embarrassing that would be for an ISIS member to be killed by pigs?

Heather McDonald noted that we protect faculty at our colleges with tenure, but faculty members do not seem to be doing anything about the shutting down of free speech on campuses.

Did you hear about the young thugs who boarded a BART train in San Francico, beat up passengers and stole money from passengers?
BART officials refused to release video, because they thought some of the perps were juveniles.

Obama is giving a one-hour speech to a Wall Street firm, for which he will be paid $400,000.

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