Thursday, April 20, 2017

Drain the swamp!

Sundance writes,
...It is more than a little ironic that most of the opposition to President Trump on budgets is coming from UniParty Republicans in congress. The same UniParty who couldn’t bother to pass a budget since Sept. 2007.

…. Almost a decade.

A decade without a budget, and yet Congress has the audacity to quibble over President Trump’s spending requests. Think about it.

President Trump has already proposed a budget outline for fiscal year 2018 that includes over a trillion dollar reduction in actual spending. Not a reduction in the growth of spending, but an actual reduction in year-over-year spending. A concept so foreign to congress that most UniParty Republicans have already announced their opposition toward such an effort and stated they will demand President Trump spend more money.

….now, congress doesn’t want to fund a border wall.

….oh, and congress can’t repeal or replace ObamaCare.

….oh, and President Trump still doesn’t have his cabinet confirmed.

….. and congress is on vacation.

….. and, well, while on vacation, Representative Jodi Ernest is worried about President Trump going to Mar-a-lago too much. Did I mention she said that while on vacation?

….and then, well, congress won’t accept the letter of intent to open NAFTA for trade renegotiation.

….. and oh yeah, congress is on vacation.

So there’s that.

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