Thursday, April 27, 2017

Texas takes the lead in dealing with officials in "sanctuary cities."

Jazz Shaw writes at Hot Air,
The 9th Circuit may be trying to gum up the gears for President Trump (at least until the matter reaches the Supreme Court), but the states still have their own cards to play if they choose to do so.

...While many other states, particularly California, are seeking out new ways to “fight Trump” and defy the enforcement of immigration law, Texas is taking a decidedly different approach. Out in the Lone Star State, Republicans are moving forward with a bill which would essentially ban sanctuary cities and impose some stiff penalties for those not in compliance. This is in keeping with statements that Governor Abbott has made in the past, so if it makes it to his desk it will likely go through. Part of it is the usual route of cutting off state funding and grants, but this one takes the additional step of holding leaders, including police chiefs and sheriffs, accountable. And that could mean fines or even jail time. (Associated Press)
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