Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Left, 4-20, and political news of the day

Here is today's The Five show, where five people kick around their views on key issues of the day.

There was a brief discussion of a new song by Bruce Springsteen, which is anti-Trump. Greg Gutfeld pointed out that the Left preaches love, but they deem you evil if you don't share their opinions. Dana Perina added that the Left is also about "You're stupid!"

Today being 4-20 produced some discussion of whether to legalize pot. Greg's comment was, "If pot smokers want to be taken seriously, then they should take themselves seriously and "Grow Up!" He is talking about the stereotype of thinking it is funny to be high. He added, "Pot will be accepted when it is mundane and boring like coming home and having a drink with your meal or after dinner."

Bob Beckel, a former addict, made the point that the dealers who deal marijuana also deal meth and opioids, truly dangerous drugs.

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