Monday, April 17, 2017

North Korea, meth, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and the Cleveland killer still on the loose

Tonight on The Five Bob Beckel did his best to hold his own as the lone Democrat on the panel. He criticized the Trump administration on many fronts, beginning with North Korea. As you know, Vice President Pence has been in Seoul, South Korea to offer support this weekend, saying "the era of strategic patience is over!"

Beckel says China wants us to remove our missile defense systems. Why is this always such a big issue with Democrats? They have been opposing missile defense systems since the Reagan years!

Apparently, Homeland Security head John Kelly and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have different views about marijuana. Sessions is concerned about its growing popularity, while Kelly is more concerned about meth, heroin, and cocaine. If parents tolerate their teens using marijuana, does it lead to other drug use?

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