Thursday, April 06, 2017

Three men in the US illegally commit gruesome murder

Jason Kessler reports at The Daily Caller,
A 17-year-old boy’s body was mutilated by MS-13 gang members, the boy’s uncle revealed in a local radio interview on Friday.

Raymond Wood’s uncle, Dale Wood, told local station WLNI that his nephew’s body had been savaged by his murderers.

“His hands were cut off, his throat was cut, his tongue was pulled into his throat, he was stabbed 16 times, ran over 3 times,” Dale Wood told the station.

The gruesome mutilation in which a victim’s tongue is sliced and pulled through his neck is sometimes known as a “Colombian necktie.”

“How do you do that to a child?” Dale Wood wondered aloud. “How do you do that to anybody? It’s just, unbelievable. It’s definitely not human.”

“These are monsters,” he said.

The story emerging from last week’s murder in Lynchburg, Virginia is, in a word, ghastly.

On March 28th, police found Wood’s body miles away from his home lying face down in the middle of Roaring Run Road in nearby Bedford County.

On Friday, The Roanoke Times reports, police charged three illegal immigrants with Wood’s death — 21-year-old José Corea-Ventura, 19-year-old Victor Arnoldo Rodas, and 24-year-old Lisandro Posada-Vazquez. The men were determined to be illegal by the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, detained, and subsequently arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Corea-Ventura was arrested in connection to a separate gang-related murder in Montgomery County, Maryland, where a male victim was stabbed 40 times with a knife. Evidently, Corea-Ventura had been hiding from authorities since July, and ended up in Bedford County, Virginia. A few days ago, this reporter linked Corea-Ventura to the murder. That fact was then confirmed by Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown, who also revealed that Wood’s murder was “narcotic-related” and that all three men are in the United States illegally.

The gruesome details of Wood’s murder were originally published, and then subsequently deleted, by WLNI in Lynchburg.

The original piece — “Raymond Wood’s uncle confirms details of nephew’s death: hands cut off, throat cut, multiple stabbings” — was taken down and replaced with a note that WLNI had removed the story “to honor a grieving family’s wishes.”

WLNI did not retract its reporting.

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