Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Russians are coming, and our vets are becoming addicted to synthetic heroin.

Tucker Carlson had another good show last night. He asked a Democrat why it is so important to the left for our country to be at odds with Russia. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a veteran, did not take the leftist view. She wants to see the evidence that Assad was actually the one who gassed Syrians. Reacting to her heresy, Howard "Power to the People" Dean said she should be thrown out of Congress.

Russian expert Stephen Cohen notes that NATO is building up forces in Ukraine and the Baltics, along with Trump's bombing of the Syrian airfield, and he believes we are closer to going to war with Russia right now than we have been at any time in the 40 years he has been studying Russian/American relations. Russia believes the US is preparing for war with Russia. However, he notes that Secretary Tillerson is respected there. They know him from when he was the head of Exxon and proved himself to be an honorable, serious, and reliable man.

Ann Coulter notes that Assad helped us after 9-11, giving us intelligence.

The week-long series on Americans' addiction to opioids continued. Some of the worst examples of overprescribing are occurring at VA facilities. Now there are 70,000 addicted veterans! 60% of returning vets are given opioids! Yet, the VA is doing nothing about offering treatment facilities for those who become addicted. There is no oversight accountability within the VA bureaucracy. There is also no action forthcoming from Congresspeople who are supposed to provide oversight.

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