Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Obamagate spy scandal

Glenn Reynolds reminds us that
President Obama, of course, got his start in national politics when sealed divorce records became public.
Glenn links to this piece at Fox News by Catherine Herridge.
The intelligence reports at the center of the Susan Rice unmasking controversy were detailed, and almost resembled a private investigator’s file, according to a Republican congressman familiar with the documents.

"This is information about their everyday lives," Rep. Peter King of New York, a member of the House Intelligence committee said. "Sort of like in a divorce case where lawyers are hired, investigators are hired just to find out what the other person is doing from morning until night and then you try to piece it together later on.”
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MNHoot comments at Instapundit:
It doesn't add up. There's no way incidental collection squares with everyday lives. One of those is not true.

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