Friday, April 14, 2017

MOAB, ISIS, MS-13, opioids, drones

On last night's Tucker Carlson show Michael Pregent came on to discuss the Afghanistan complex of caves the Taliban has been using for many years, and ISIS has also been starting to use. Why have we not done anything about those caves all these years? We have now, with the use of MOAB, and a message was sent to all our adversaries.

MS-13 illegal immigrants from Central America are killing more Americans in America than ISIS or anyone else. Child prostitution, drug trafficking, torture operations, gruesome murders, and human smuggling are some of their activities. There are 6000 MS-13 gang members living in the USA.

A century ago our government had curtailed the heroin supply until Oxycontin was introduced by Purdue Pharma. Medicaid subsidizes the over-prescribing of it now.

The federal government declares all airspace to be federal. Did you know that? You thought your property rights included the airspace outside your bedroom window? Nope! Watch Tucker's show below.

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