Friday, April 07, 2017

"How cool is that to actually make the Chinese politburo sit through a night of American targeted bombing?"

Mark Steyn:
The disgusting aspect of the last eight years is that Obama mistook the sidelines for the moral high ground.

So he would use all this lofty rhetoric about red lines and he would stand there would be people killing each other, slaughtering each other, dead babies and he'd stand there with his hand on his hip giving a speech. And he stripped words of their meaning. And Trump isn't as articulate. He isn't as polished but his words have meaning. And to do that while is he having dinner with the Chinese. You said did he tell him over the salad bowl, as I understand it, he told him over the creme brulee or the tiramisu. How cool is that to actually make the Chinese politburo sit through a night of American targeted bombing?

...I think he's accomplished certain things. He sent a message to the Chinese as they are sitting across the dinner table from him. He sent a message to Putin, and, thereby, incidentally also made all these stupid investigations of investigations of investigations that the Senate and the House are chasing their tails and look absolutely ridiculous. You know, he has picked a fight with Putin at a when Congress has spent and Susan Rice has spent a year investigating whether he is Putin stooge. How stupid do they look?

...I think they understand this is really -- last night was inauguration day. That America is back in the world. Now, not ineffectively. What we have to be careful about here is whether the tactical ruthlessness of last night is matched with strategic clarity which hasn't been the case in Afghanistan and Iran. But accepting that Trump doesn't want to get mired in pointless civil wars. I think this keeps America's enemies on its toes and figure out what it is they have to do next.

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