Sunday, April 02, 2017

Did President Obama collude with Putin to destroy Hillary?

Are you. like me, a fan of Greg Gutfeld? If so, then you probably know that he has a new show. He usually has four guests, all of whom are witty. You can watch the whole show without commercials. He starts his April 1 show by lampooning Rachel Maddow, who recently made a huge publicity stunt on MSNBC out of revealing Donald Trump's taxes for 2005, a year in which he paid over $30 million dollars in taxes.

Next, Greg and his guests lampoon all the controversy the Left is trying unsuccessfully to build up, if they could just find any factual evidence that Russia colluded with Trump in our 2016 elections.

Al Gore has a new movie. Remember his last movie eleven years ago? In it he predicted the planet would be extinct in ten years. So now he is releasing a sequel! Al Gore proved Al Gore wrong!

Oh, and by the way, did President Obama collude with Putin to destroy Hillary?

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