Friday, May 12, 2017

"Why would anybody be against ensuring the integrity of elections?"

Tucker Carlson points out that the Democrats are once again united with new talking points: "special prosecuter" and "independent investigation" to see if it was Putin or you who pulled the lever for Trump in November. They howled and they barked, and they did their best impressions of grave concern," Tucker says. "It is a talking point formulated by strategists, disseminated by operatives, and faithfully repeated on television by hacks who have precisely zero interest in independence or investigations, except when they are politically convenient." It is partisanship posing as patriotism.

We already have an independent investigation. It is being run by the FBI.

I hope it is better than the investigation they conducted on Hillary Clinton! Comey decided she was extremely careless but had no "intent" to break any laws. Now, however, we have a new President and a new Attorney General.

Charles Krauthammer says "to say that the press is anticonservative is like saying the sun rises in the east." Krauthammer, who is a psychiatrist, says this affair has sent some people in the media "over the edge." He refers, for example, to Anderson Cooper rolling his eyes (twice) in the middle of an interview with Kellyanne Conway. However, Krauthammer makes the point that 30-40 years ago, things were worse! There was no Fox News, no talk radio, no internet, just a "liberal monopoly."

Trump has launched an investigation into voting irregularities in all 50 states. Tucker asked, "How are you going to find it if it doesn't exist?" The reason he asked that question is because the Democrats and media keep saying there are no voter irregularities. Tucker further asks, "Why would anybody be against ensuring the integrity of elections?"

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