Monday, May 22, 2017

"America is back!"

That was the announcement of the president of Israel.

Nevertheless, we still have people like John McCain, Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake, Democrats, and members of the media rooting for failure on this historic trip by our president.

Trump also reminded the leaders of 54 nations in Riyadh, "We'll be back!"

Eli Lake pointed out to Laura that we now have a leader who does not suffer from Obama's delusions about Iran.

Yes, the Saudis got a lot of military equipment, but Americans got a lot of jobs!

Let us not forget the mass exodus from the Middle East of Christians during the Obama/Kerry years of fecklessness.

Laura paid tribute to Melania Trump, who Laura believes has been a "shining example of grace and graciousness and poise." She has paid a visit to a hospital, a women's forum, and something to do with children, that I have not seen in our media. Where are feminists?

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