Friday, May 26, 2017

Montana votes, Richard Fowler does his best Juan Williams imitation, leaked intel irks Brits

Montana Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte was one of the subjects of the discussion last night on The Five. After he body-slammed a reporter from the Guardian named Ben Jacobs, Montana voters went to the polls and elected him. Does that give you an idea of how weak the Democrat candidate was?

Juan Williams, who just won an award from the Multicultural Media Correspondents Dinner as Broadcast Journalist of the Year, was not present during tonight's The Five Show. However, Richard Fowler did his best imitation of whiny Juan, interrupting other speakers with his superior opinions.

Britain law enforcement (you know, the guys who don't wear guns) is angry that some of the information they shared with American intel officials about the Manchester terrorist attack got leaked! Our leaks may have thwarted their investigation and enabled accomplices to cover their tracks. Maybe the UK investigators should also be concerned about what they missed before the attack.

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