Friday, May 26, 2017

Jesus forgave, "principled realism," we have a 64 billion dollar trade deficit with Germany, Germany has not paid its NATO obligations, murderous attack on Christian children and their mothers in Egypt

A pregnant girl who is a straight A student at the Heritage Academy in Maryland is not being allowed to graduate. She is choosing life for her baby. Jesus forgave. Heritage Academy: not so much!

For 70 years American taxpayers have been footing the bill for the defense of 23 out of the 28 NATO countries. Trump's foreign policy of "principled realism" is saying this injustice must end! He also told the 54 Sunni nations gathered in Saudi Arabia that they need to save their own countries from the radical Islam being taught in their madrassas.

Laura is excited about what Trump has done on this trip.

We have a 64 billion dollar trade deficit with Germany!

Today there was a murderous attack on a busload of Christian children and their mothers in Egypt. The jihadists forced everyone out of the bus, then shot them dead.

Before Rex Tillerson was confirmed as Secretary of State, Trump utilized Jared Kushner to deal with foreign countries. So now he is being called "a person of interest" by the investigators. He has said he will gladly cooperate with any investigation.

Jeff Sessions has vowed to prosecute leakers.

Former CIA chief Jim Woolsey believes holdover Obama political appointees in intel agencies are the ones leaking.

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