Tuesday, May 30, 2017

US successfully intercepts ICBM today

Sundance reports at The Conservative Treehouse,
One of the key elements to remember today -when reviewing articles and information about a successful ICBM intercept by a gound-based launch interceptor missile- is the actual interception happened in space (low earth orbit).

This shield program was the visionary “Star Wars” missile defense system originally proposed by President Ronald Reagan.

I remember the fanatic opposition the Left mobilized in opposition to Reagan's "Star Wars."

The development of Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) systems are in conjunction with an anticipated future ‘space-based’ orbiting intercept system – to create the ICBM defense shield. Today’s GMD interceptor test was successful. GMD monitors are on land, sea and in orbit. Congratulations USAF

Around the clock, every day of the year, the GMD system acts as the nation’s shield and first line of defense to warn, alert and defend against the threat of ballistic missile attacks.
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