Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What good is a Constitution when it is being ignored? We must stop social engineering in our schools...Trump has to fight both political parties

Mark Steyn points out that we have the absurdity of District Court judges legislating immigration policy. At the same time, we have the legislative body explaining why it can't actually do any legislating, but it has a lot of time for pseudo-judicial courtroom hearings.

Trump faces the weird circumstance of having to fight against both political parties. The process is the punishment, as Mark well knows, having to endure endless court battles with Michael Mann, the hockey stick man. Republicans are in office, but not in power. Republicans should be there to assist Trump in governing, not tepidly allowing Democrats to destroy him.

Most countries have both a private and public health care system. At the moment we have neither. We have all the worst aspects of both.

Mark urges us, parents, to push back against the social engineering in our kids' schools. The right was stupid to abandon this field! This is the biggest structural deformity in the American life right now. It has taught two generations to have complete contempt for the most glorious inheritance in the history of the planet."

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