Saturday, May 20, 2017

UN scandals, refugees, G7 meeting with borders closed, the hypocrisy of Pope Francis

Last night's Tucker Carlson Show was as good as usual. For me, the highlight was Katie Hopkins from Daily Mail. She reported that the UNHCR (UN High Commission for Refugees) is demanding that the UK take an additional 10,000 more refugees each year. The UK sends 3.5 billion pounds each year to Syrian Refugee camps. Seventy years ago when the UNHCR was initiated, their budget was $300,00 annually. It is now $7.5 billion dollars annually. They now have a staff of 10,000 bureaucrats, and they are rife with scandals of all kinds. Why are Muslim countries not being asked to take Muslim refugees?

Trump will be coming to Europe soon for the G7 meeting. The G7 has announced that the borders will be shut down for the safety of the G7 attendees.

Trump will also be meeting with Pope Francis, who says anyone wanting to build walls instead of bridges is not being Christian. He says that behind the walls of the Vatican, which were built in 840 to keep out marauding Muslims.

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