Friday, May 12, 2017

Mine, All Mine . . . Not Exactly!

Guest post
by Suzann Darnall

Despite life and the world not always being perfect, I look forward to a weekend celebrating life and love. My first thought was that I get this Mother’s Day weekend all to myself, then I realized that is not true and never gonna be true. I thought this was gonna happen ‘cause this year Thursday was the birthday of my dear husband, Pete. And, of course, Sunday is Mother's Day. But, then I realized that first of all we have added another family special day into this May extravaganza weekend mix. My son-in-law, Ray, has his birthday on the 12th. So, I am just gonna have to be more willing to share than ever.

Despite adding to the event list, I still think the following scripture fits our May celebratory weekend so well:
Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.
Exodus 20:12

I always feel this is true ‘cause at this time of year our children do honor both of us with their love, and Ray certainly has shown us nothing but love and respect since we have met him. We also have the opportunity to show our love for one another and our dear family.
My husband and I have been sharing . . . or "fighting" over . . . the Mom Day weekend since the birth of our first daughter, Charly, over 37 years ago. But, it has always been a battle filled with much joy and many laughs. Of course, there is always less competition when we each get our own day and don't have to share the same day. What can I say? We are both spoiled!

This year we are gonna sorta split the difference about the celebration day and go down to our daughter Charly’s home on Saturday for dinner, dessert, and visiting. Our other daughter, Amanda, will be celebrating her family’s mixed weekend of Ray’s birthday and visiting with one of his foster-moms. So, sharing of the weekend honors is happening all ‘round. Though we cannot all be together, we can all share the love and be happy for one another!

We are not planning anything extravagant, just a relaxing weekend with some yummy food and maybe some fun family activities. Really cool is that I won't have to cook on Mother's Day! Pete is going to grill steaks and I bought simple sides to go with them, as well as a sugar-free bakery cake for dessert.

Tonight, for his birthday celebration we are going out to the drive-in movie. Will take along drinks, buy some sugar-free candies at Buc-ee’s, then get fresh popcorn at the snackbar. Might even take along our giant tin of peanuts in the shells. I even let him pick the movie!!! Good times for sure!

At some point on Sunday I will call my mother, Pat, to pass along my best wishes for her. I always send her my gift early, so she has already been enjoying it. I usually contact my daughters as well, since I appreciate them making me a grandmother. In years gone by I acknowledged my grandmothers, but they have been gone now for many years. I also want to take a short space here to wish all the mothers a very "Happy Mother's Day!" Plus wish my husband and our son-in-law a very "Happy Birthday!"

While gifts, cards, flowers and food are nice, most important this weekend is the celebration of family that these events actually represent. This is particularly important in a time when some in our government are literally trying to take the traditional family apart with legislation and segments of our society are assisting in the destruction with a constant bombardment of liberal attacks on anything moral or ethical.

Family is one of the greatest treasures we can ever have. It is also one of the strongest fibers in a healthy society. Family is the basic building block of society. If it is weakened, our entire society becomes at risk. So, we must each take personal responsibility for doing our part to keep our families strong. And, sometimes strength comes from the little things, like a celebration with family, food, and fun.

So, take a little time this weekend to honor your mother and celebrate your family. Make a small move back towards an old-fashioned society where respect for our elders was an everyday event. And, have a nice time while you do it. It will drive the Liberals crazy!


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