Wednesday, May 24, 2017

End madrasas, stop Iran, will Fox continue the conservative fight? Truth is worth fighting for, some recommendations for Memorial Day movie-watching

Andrew Klavan opens with a monolog mocking CNN and Andrew Cuomo in particular. Andrew likes what Trump has been saying abroad. End the madrasas, stop Iran.

Andrew makes a controversial assertion: "Fox News is dead!" He is referring to the fact that the Murdoch sons are now running Fox, and they do not seem to want to continue the conservative fight. I hope he is wrong. I think Fox has some real conservative fighters, and I excerpt their shows regularly here.

Andrew does a great job answering listeners emails. He frequently says we are created to be joyful, creative, and courageous. The truth does not die. Freedom and liberty are absolute goods. We were "endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights." That is true. Andrew says "the things I am fighting for never die. They kill them, they bury them, they roll the stone over it. You come back in the morning, and the tomb is empty. The stone has been rolled back. The truth of what is good does not die. It is worth fighting for and standing for. When we do, we are connecting to the eternal!

Andrew ends with a couple of movie recommendations for Memorial Day. Both give different views of PTSD. One is a 1946 movie entitled The Best Years of our Lives. The other is American Sniper. Andrew makes the point that PTSD can also occur when vets return to live "normal lives." When they were fighting, there was camaraderie, intensity, deep meaning. They come back and live "ordinary" lives missing in that intense meaning.

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