Thursday, May 25, 2017

"To err is human, but these people are idiots!"

Andrew Klavan notices that the people who are supposedly smart are dumb, and the people who are supposedly dumb (Trump team) are actually doing quite well! Trump goes over to Saudia Arabia and tells the leaders of 54 Sunni Muslim nations to stop radicalizing young people in their madrasas. He tells them that weeding out the evil loser terrorists is their responsibility, and we will help by selling them weapons and sharing intel.

Andrew cites the website Circa, which he says has a bombshell story about the FICA Court being critical of the NSA for leaking information on American citizens to the press, which is a felony.

Rod Dreher was a guest. He believes we are near the end of America. He notes that Millennials worship the autonomous self. They believe they are owed. They believe they have "rights," not duties. Because of their parents' uncritical acceptance of technology, Millennials are viewing pornography to the point where many are addicted.

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