Wednesday, May 24, 2017

ISIS picking the low-hanging fruit, Obama administration spread MS-13 gang members across the US, media malfeasance

Tucker once again last night devoted most of his show to the terror attack in Manchester. One of his guests was "former Islamist extremist" Maajid Nawaz, who asked, "What kind of world is it in which I have to accept the slaughter of my children at a concert? It is a world of apathy and appeasement." Nawaz also pointed out that there are very few lone wolf terrorists. Up to 80% of terrorists are connected to someone who knew of their radicalization. They have been radicalized for decades because of a spread of an ideology. ISIS just plucked the low-hanging fruit. Nawaz calls it Islamist theocratic extremism.

So should we just carry on as normal? I don't think so!

A new segment of the Tucker Carlson Show is an investigation into how the Obama administration purposely spread MS-13 gang members across the United States.

Joe Concha from The Hill reports on the media. He said last night's reporting was atrocious. Still stuck on trying to find an example of collusion with Russia, outlets like CNN and MSNBC were very late reporting on the terrorism in Manchester. Concha calls it media malfeasance.

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