Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Critical thinking, terrorists may be misogynists, Obama's CIA Director voted for the Communist Party candidate, Trump and the Saudis

Rush opened the show with a discussion of critical thinking. Rather than teach our students critical thinking, Rush believes our educational institutions are mainly indoctrination centers. The more you know, the more you want to know. If you are thinking critically, you want to see the evidence before you accept what someone is trying to tell you to believe. If not, the critical thinker will be able to refute the argument based on what the thinker already knows to be true. Critical thinkers are curious. They do not blindly accept something they see written down.

Rush brings our attention to the Washington Post, which, because the terrorist in Manchester targeted women and girls, the WaPo believes there might be some misogyny going on with some of these terrorists. No, really!

Did you know that Obama's CIA Director voted for a Communist Party candidate for US President? Check it out!+

Remember when Trump joked, "I hope Russia has those emails Hillary deleted, so we can find out what's in them!" The Left took him seriously. That's how this whole collusion investigation may have begun!

Rush admits that he spends most of his time attacking Leftists, but he also has reservations about some of the things Trump has been doing that are different from his stance during the campaign, especially his close working relationship with the Saudis.

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