Saturday, May 27, 2017

Is poverty also a state of mind? "rich guilt," Hillary addresses tomorrow's socialists and communists, journalism no more - now it's click bait, followed by zero evidence or facts

While Sean Hannity is off until Tuesday, Kimberley Guilfoyle sits in for him.

HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson believes that poverty is also a state of mind. Herman Cain agrees with Dr. Carson. He got out of poverty because he didn't have the liberal media and Democrats telling him he was poor, and he was blessed with parents and other people around him who gave him "a winning state of mind."

Mark Zuckerberg wants all Americans to have a guaranteed income to provide a cushion. Herman Cain says, "Go ahead, Mark, give them your money and let me keep mine!" He refers to "rich guilt" to describe Zuckerberg's proposal.

Was Hillary Clinton talking to "leaders of tomorrow" in her commencement address? No, Herman Cain says she was talking to tomorrow's socialists and communists.

Joe Concha makes the important point that we no longer have much journalism. We have click bait. The headline draws you in. Then you read the story and find zero evidence to back up the claim in the headline! No facts, just clicks and retweets! What are the motives of the unnamed sources? Anonymity is now the first resort, not the last resort, of publications like the New York Times and Washington Post.

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