Saturday, May 20, 2017

"Terrorists are the termites of planet Earth. They must be exterminated regularly and never forgotten about!"

That is a quote from Greg Gutfeld, whom Juan Williams constantly tried to drown out by shouting over him whenever he talked. To be fair, Juan does that to Jesse Waters, too. He yelled at Jesse, "Let's tell the truth!" To which Jesse responded immediately, "I just did!"

Gutfeld pointed out that Trump does not conflate radical Islam with Islam, so he is less handicapped by political correctness than Obama was. He does not have Islamophobia phobia!

Again Juan pumped sarcasm when someone brought up the Harvard study showing how negative the media has been toward President Trump. Watergate star Bob Woodward summarized, "The media has been binge drinking the anti-Trump Koolaid."

Joe Biden is armchair quarterbacking the election, saying he never thought Hillary was the best candidate the Dems could have put forward. Greg pointed out that one is more effective in armchair quarterbacking if one does it on Monday, not waiting until Thursday.

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