Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sologamy, Comey's memo, media montage of the day

Are you tired of people asking you if you are ever going to get married? Fear not! There is now a thing called sologamy, where you can marry yourself! There is, of course, a website that will help you with all aspects of the ceremony. Andrew Klavan opens his show with a monolog making fun of this new trend. Andrew says, "Feminist journals say sologamy brings feminism to its natural conclusion, namely, solitude, sterility, and despair." The website will provide you with daily affirmation cards.

A friend of James Comey called a reporter for the former newpaper The New York Times. Comey's friend read for the reporter a memo Comey had written for himself in February, saying that Trump had asked Comey if he could see his way clear to end the investigation into Michale Flynn, now that Trump had fired Flynn. No one has seen this memo, yet everyone in the media is talking about it.

So, the media montage today is "impeachment, obstruction of justice."

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