Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Comey's February memo, public urination in New York City, joining hands with Russia to fight international terrorism,

Tucker and Bret Hume discussed Comey's February memo in which Comey alleges that Trump asked him if "he could see his way clear to stop the investigation into Michale Flynn's contacts with the Russians."

Tucker twice showed a clip from CNN in which former Navy Seal Carl Igby urged reporters to be skeptical of information coming from people who refuse to allow their names to be used. The CNN anchor loses it, saying, "Do not attack the stellar reporters of CNN!"

Professor Stephen Cohen defends Trump's desire to join hands with Russia in fighting international terrorism. The assault on Trump is the biggest danger our country faces, he added. Moreover, he thinks the intelligence services have become a fourth branch of American government.

Both Tucker and Bret Hume criticized aspects of Trump's actions. Tucker thinks his tweets are unproductive, and Bret thinks he is handling things in a clumsy way. Both say that the media atmosphere is the most poisonous it has ever been.

Lastly, Tucker has on as a guest a New York City Councilman, who is trying to enact legislation to force Trump to reveal his tax returns. Tucker tells him to clean the bathrooms at Penn Station. Public urination is now legal in New York City.

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