Friday, May 12, 2017

Comey story, OPEC begs US to stop producing so much energy, leaks, Trump tweets

Rush Limbaugh pointed out today that the Comey story, relative to other recent stories, is not a big story on Facebook and other social media. The media is driving that story, and the Democrat politicians are riding it the best they can. I love it when Rush plays clips from a half dozen or more news sites, in which they all repeat the same phrases. Today's is "Crisis of Credibility." Rush shows how the narrative, the talking points, get repeated across the media.

Rush points out that there are many good things happening, that the media is not picking up on. Mexican border apprehensions are at a 17-year low, with five straight months of decline and down over 70%. He also mentions OPEC asking the US to stop producing so much energy!

Someone leaked to Time Magazine that when Trump has dinner, he always gets two scoops of ice cream, while his guests, unless they ask for two scoops, only get one! Rush believes the problem of leaks is potentially a big problem. He points out that DC is a place that attracts people who desire raw power. Some people get their nose out of joint when their advice is ignored or when someone else's advice is preferred. When someone leaks against a Republican president, the media circles the wagon to protect that person forever, never exposing them. Trump is an outsider, anti-establishment, anti-globalist. However, he has persons on his staff who are establishmentarians and globalists.

Another thing Rush has fun with today is Trump's tweet to Comey that he better hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!

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