Friday, May 12, 2017

A guy who has been there

Steve Malzburg of Newsmax interviews Pat Buchanan, whom he calls a treasure and a legend. Buchanan shares a few things about Richard Nixon. Did you know Nixon on domestic issues was a progressive? He ended the draft, enacted the 18-year-old vote, created EPA, indexed Social Security, created OSHA, and proposed a guaranteed annual income. In foreign policy he brought the troops home from Viet Nam, achieved an arms control agreement, opened up China to the US, and saved Israel.

Buchanan points out there is a cultural Left, political Left, and a media conglomerate that unites to damage Republican presidents. They colluded to bring down Nixon, tried to do the same to Reagan with Iran-Contra, and is now in a bloody war with Donald Trump. Nixon told him, "The press is the enemy." The press decides what people are talking about, drives the narrative, shines the spotlight on the issue they hope will bring down the person the people elected.

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