Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"...we must agree with the girly groupthink or else face being cast out by the popular girls."

Ace of Spades writes,
Bombshell? Comey Wrote in Journal That, After Micheal Flynn Resigned, Trump Told Him "I Hope You Can Let This Go Now"

I'm not seeing the bombshell, really, but this seems to have happened.

Whether or not one can trust someone's own diary -- which is written, of course, to make the author the hero, and would not contain any derogatory information about oneself, and plenty of it on others -- is another thing.

I also am amused by the political class' and leftist media's strange view of things. This is being widely hailed as "Comey's revenge." The press is gloating over it -- Comey (get this) having an "associate" read excepts from Comey's diary to the press.

There's nothing wrong with that -- but it is 1, self serving, and 2, covert. It's accomplishing by a girlish sort of passive-aggressive indirect attack what can also be done frontally.

I said this before of Trump and I'll say it of Comey, too: If you're proud of a thing, if you think it's all above-board, why resort to deceptive strategems and intrigues?

Why not just go absolutely public, reading from your own diary, and say "This is my account as I observed it"?

There's a weird thing I've noticed for a while.

Trump is aggressive-aggressive. He's right in your face, calling people out, insulting them. Causing conflict.


But our effeminate political media class doesn't mind the aggression -- they mind that it's overt aggression. They like aggression, but they like it of the passive-aggressive sort.

They like things done covertly, like with teenaged girls starting rumors about each other.

I get both forms of conflict and score-settling. Both have long histories.

I'm not quite sure why I'm supposed to praise Comey for his passive-aggressive, sneaky "revenge" while damning Trump for his aggressive-aggressive covert bluster.

Neither seems to be a good look to me. But takes a real cuck to think that the DC practice of leaking stuff about your enemies is somehow high-minded and courageous.

Yet the press, and the sort-of-feminized writerly cohort of the right too, seems convinced that their preferred way of conflict resolution -- people secretly, anonymously tattling on each other or planting stories about each other -- is somehow intellectually or morally superior to just blasting someone publicly.

In a way, I do get it: The press can't monetize the overt aggression strategy. There is no place for them there.

On the other hand, when someone wants to leak classified information ("This data came from Israel!") or slip out Comey's pink diary entries, they have go through the press.

That makes the press into Actors in the story -- at least they're involved the way actors are, repeating the lines put into their mouths by someone else.

And I guess that's their ambition. To just be stenographers in the service of people with actual power.

I don't know if saying to an FBI head "Now that this guy's resigned, I hope you can let this go now" is some kind of crime. It doesn't sound like a crime to me.

I do know that Bill Clinton repeatedly proclaimed "Now is the time we should move on" from his scandals, and the media didn't call that a crime. In fact, they eagerly proclaimed "Yes, we need to move on, God-King."

Anyway, more drama.

I'm so bored.

I don't know what to make of all the Trump Scandals, both real and (I imagine this is the greater part of them) imagined.

I don't know exactly what was said. Neither does the press. Neither do the partisans of either side.

I'm certainly willing to entertain the notion that Trump has crossed all sorts of lines. I sort of expected him to. Not in a good way -- it was the big concern I had about him.

I do expect some shoes to drop on Trump.

But they must be actual shoes for me to hear them -- not rumors of shoes, not breathless insistence that friends-of-friends swear to me that in the darkness, Shoes Lurk.

Show me the fucking shoes.

I wouldn't be happy if he turned out guilty of one of the ten thousand conspiracies the conspiratorial press has accused him of, but I would accept it.

If there were actual information I could see and evaluate for myself.

But I can't. All I can do is rely on a catastrophically biased institution, the press, to tell me what their agenda-driven sources are -- sometimes illegally, always covertly and sneakily -- telling them to write.

Excuse me for not taking their word for things as any better than Trump's.

I take a Mr. Blond attitude to all these questions we don't know the answers to: "Either he's alive or he's dead, or the cops have him or the don't."

Until you put something concrete on the table, please stop hissing and whispering like little girls that we must agree with the girly groupthink or else face being cast out by the popular girls.

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