Tuesday, May 02, 2017

"The President encourages lively discussion."

Sundance writes,
Trump needs congress, specifically the senate, and even more specifically Senator John Thune (Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee) to accept the letter of intent to renegotiate NAFTA.

For more than a month McConnell, Thune and the members of the Senate Commerce Committee (including Ted Cruz and Mike Lee) have refused to accept the letter because their financial donors and lobbyists don’t want to see NAFTA re-opened.

Perhaps President Trump can get Republicans to accept the intent letter by signing the interim spending bill. Opening and renegotiating NAFTA will provide infinitely more benefits to middle-class workers than the spending priorities within the CR congress has constructed.

Again, the republicans and democrats in congress are leveraging their short-term CR to push the legislative priorities of K-Street. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t understand this dynamic and therefore direct their frustration toward President Trump who is put into a position of accepting the CR or vetoing it.

Most of the voting population of the U.S. would look at a Trump veto as a rogue president trying to shut down government and the corporate media would gleefully sell this narrative.

Now Listen to Secretary Wilbur Ross today:

I thought it was interesting to hear Secretary Ross emphasize several times that the president encourages lively discussion, and that can't happen if there are people who leak their favorite ideas to the press.

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