Monday, May 15, 2017

The crime is...Hillary lost! "Crisis of credibility," "Obstruction of justice"

I caught some of Rush's show today. Rush's biggest contribution, I think, is his intimate knowledge of how the media works. The media is convinced that they got rid of Richard Nixon in the Watergate story. Now they are trying to get equivalence with the Comey and Russia collusion stories. The only problem? No crime here!

The crime is...Hillary lost!

Obama's legacy includes a long list of lies. The media does not want those lies exposed.

They are now hysterically unhinged. Trump does it to them just by waking up each morning!

Now, even though no crime has been exposed, the media is talking about a cover-up. The cover up is the crime.

On Thursday and Friday the media mantra was the phrase "crisis of credibility!" Democrats like Schumer picked up on it when appearing on the Sunday shows.

Now, however, the media has moved on to a new mantra, "Trump obstructed justice!" Rush played a montage of both mantras being repeated across the media. The media "tees it up," and the Dems follow, or are supposed to.

Rush said that if Trump thought that firing Comey would win him accolades from the media, he is not being well-served by somebody on his staff.

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