Thursday, May 18, 2017

Special counsel, impeachment, Afghanistan, Turkish thugs, sologamy, and, of course, Comey

Tucker Carlson said that Robert Mueller has a reputation for rectitude, but Tucker asked, is the appointment of a Special Counsel a good idea? When done in Reagan and Clinton administrations it consumed entire presidencies.

Crystal Ball is a former candidate for Congress who now works for a "progressive" organization called the Leadership Council. She wants Trump to be impeached.

Erik Prince is a former Navy Seal who started Blackwater. He points out that Russians also suffer from Islamic terrorism. He remembers when the Left loved the USSR, but now not so much, because Russia is no longer communist, and are not embracing Leftism enough to please American Leftists.

Erik pointed out that we are spending $42 billion dollars a year in Afghanistan. We have 8000 troops there, most of whom never leave the base! There is now a 300,000 man Afghan security force that is corrupt. We have had 17 different Afghan commanders in 15 years. Afghanistan is rich in oil and gas (1 trillion dollars worth), and in minerals and crops (another 1 trillion dollars worth), yet they have no mining laws! The Taliban enemy exploits opioids, hashish, and minerals.

In Tucker's "Can you top that?" segment, someone reported on the brawl outside the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC, in which Erdogan's armed guards beat up American protesters. The other segment was on "sologamy," the newest thing among progressives. Just go to website to see how you can marry yourself!

Finally, we must talk once more about James Comey. Greg Jarret explained that if Comey thought Trump was trying to obstruct justice, Comey faces prison time for not reporting it immediately.

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