Thursday, May 04, 2017

Lots of lobbying going on in DC

Which industries spent the most money lobbying Congress in the first three months of 2017?

I found this graph at The Conservative Treehouse, where Sundance continually tries to educate us on how the DC swamp works. Rather than having two political parties, Sundance believes we have a UniParty, which does the bidding of the people who finance their re-election campaigns.

Furthermore, Sundance believes that the whole Obamacare debate is
all a legislative ruse. Hundreds of millions have been poured into congress to purchase the original ObamaCare bill and all of the subsequent downstream consequences therein. The people who paid that money will not allow removal. It’s really that simple.

Why does K-Street want ObamaCare to remain? Because it was designed to fail and lead to an eventual bipartisan (UniParty created) single-payer system. What the Health Industry lobbyists -who sold the construct- do not want is private market healthcare.
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To read more about current statistics of who is spending how much in money for politics, go here.

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