Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Thanks #TheResistance. You made it do or die, so enjoy it when this guy picks “do” for conservatism, and “die” for liberalism."

Kurt Schlichter is feeling optimistic at Town Hall.
Say goodbye to the regulations that impoverish our miners, to the codes that skyrocket our electric bills in the name of the weird liberal weather religion, and to rules declaring that puddle in your backyard one of the “waters in the United States” and allowing some bureaucrat with a clipboard and a sneer to tell you where you can and can’t build a tool shed. Slowly but surely, it’s all going away.

...When you go at a guy like Trump locked and loaded, with the volume turned to 11, howling for blood, then you can’t expect him to ask for, or give, quarter. Softboy Jeb would’ve folded and whimpered under your onslaught, sobbing and begging to submit, but not Trump. He fights, and you fools left him with no choice but to go for your throats or lose. You made it a cage match, the Thunderdome, so that’s how he’s fighting. Two men enter; one man leaves. There’s no room for mercy – you saw to that – so your beloved liberalism won’t get any.

You gave Trump the excuse he needed to be the most conservative president since Calvin Coolidge, and now he’s doing it. He couldn’t not do it – you left him no way to compromise, and you made sure that any act of magnanimity or graciousness would be rejected. Even if he wanted to moderate his policies, that would just create an opening we all absolutely know you would exploit. So there won’t be any détente with the liberal elite, no peace accords with the snooty left.

Thanks #TheResistance. You made it do or die, so enjoy it when this guy picks “do” for conservatism, and “die” for liberalism.
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