Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"I have the duty to tell the President what exists in these intelligence reports." "I don't know who ordered the unmasking of additional American citizens."

After briefing President Trump, Chairman Nunes again met with the press.

Sundance of the Last Refuge believes that of these four intelligence officials, the only one with a white hat is Admiral Rogers. Suandance writes,
Director Comey’s specific lack of transparency within his role and responsibility, shows he too has made the decision to politicize his own office. Having done that Comey has painted himself into a corner where genuine sunlight is now a risk to the public discovering the politicization of his department.

Comey may not have set out to engage in that political outcome; but his willful blindness and quiet acquiescence to the political demands of the Obama White House, combined with his decision to go-along-to-get-along with the investigations to nowhere, have created that outcome.

His pride, just like with the Omar Mateen example, is now trying to protect a career and avoid the embarrassment of discovery. Hence, he wears a black hat.
Did you notice that Nunes, in both press conferences, mentions that he does not know if the FBI is going to cooperate?
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