Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Connecting with his friends

Richard F.Miniter writes at The American thinker,
...Liberals describe President Trump as a “failed billionaire.” The man flew everywhere in his own 757, he owned golf courses and hotels all over the world and before he moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, lived in a gold-encrusted four-story penthouse atop the gleaming skyscraper he owned overlooking Central Park.

So just what does “failed” billionaire mean? And how do I become one?

...The simple Anglo-Saxon terms Donald Trump used to describe Hillary – “liar,” “corrupt,” “crooked,” “nasty,” resonated with middle America where the East and West Coast Liberal inside-the-bubble-talk that Hillary and her advocates used to describe Trump drew a blank. And so went the election.

...And while President Trump has nowhere near the mastery of the language of someone like Churchill or Reagan, he’s brilliant in keeping his message simple and Anglo-Saxon: bad, good, amazing, huge, sad, great, jobs, deal, wall.

And so connects with his friends.

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