Monday, March 27, 2017

Republicans fighting each other

A writer named Jen Kuznicki alleges that Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse, a popular blogger and website that I often link to or excerpt from, is anti-Semitic. She sites two tweets that do seem anti-Semitic to me.
“Sundance” has been identified as Mark Bradman of Florida, and the twitter handle for Treehouse is @theLastRefuge2. Levin noticed certain tweets from the website’s twitter account that smacked of antisemitism. Here they are:
TheLastRefuge @TheLastRefuge2
.@marklevinshow is an "America Second Constitutionalist" - Support comes AFTER his advocacy 4 Nation State of Israel …
5:53 PM - 14 Dec 2015
20 20 Retweets 17 17 likes
TheLastRefuge @TheLastRefuge2
@realDonaldTrump puts America First. That immediately makes him "less than" for @marklevinshow who supports Israel First and hence, Cruz.
5:56 PM - 14 Dec 2015

Kuznicki writes,
I believe the tweets attack Mark Levin because he is Jewish, and insinuate that Mark doesn’t believe in America. That’s a hefty charge against America’s leading author on the philosophy of America and its founding.

...For those who are in the tank for whatever the president does at any time for any reason, Dr. Sundance delivers. But that’s not how normal people think.

Normal people, balanced people, take one issue at a time, figure things out for themselves, and you know what else? The American people love freedom.

The failed AHCA failed because moderate Republicans didn’t want to repeal Obamacare. That puts them on the side of the Democrats. Sundance is on the side of moderate Republicans, though he claims he’s just a “misfit” he’s an ideologue of the progressives who want more of your freedom taken away, and want Trump to do the taking.

I am pleased that not even Donald Trump wants to take our liberty, being careful not to trash conservatives after this failed bill.
Read more here.
So here we go again, Republicans fighting each other.

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