Thursday, March 23, 2017

Trump completely vindicated

At The Daily Wire, John Nolte reports,
Trump was 100% correct about Obama "tapping his wires." Incidentally or not, his wires were tapped, and then the surveillance was intentionally made not-so incidental through the illegal act of unmasking, disseminating, and worst of all, the horrific act of leaking classified information to the media for purely partisan purposes.

And according to no less than CNN, it was Trump's transition team that was "picked up," and where was his transition team?

...Not for a moment do I believe the Obama administration "inadvertently" or "incidentally captured" Team Trump communications.

What? -- and then they "inadvertently" (and illegally) "unmasked" the Trump staffer not named on the surveillance warrant; and then "inadvertently" disseminated information (that had nothing to do with Russia) throughout the intelligence community; and then "inadvertently" leaked to the media information coming from Trump's transition team, information that included communications about Trump's own family, and almost certainly included game-planning the first 100 days?

I don't believe that anymore than I believe the IRS "inadvertently swept up" conservative groups for crippling, Kafka-esque persecution while Hail Satan high school clubs sailed through the same tax-exempt process.

Let's not be stupid.

3. Obama's Creepy History of Manipulating the FISA System

In order to spy on James Rosen of Fox News, Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder named him as a criminal co-conspirator and, quite incredibly, a flight risk. This gave the Obama administration "legal" access not only to Rosen's emails but Rosen's parents' phone records.

According to numerous media reports, going back to last summer, the Obama administration applied for a warrant to "monitor" members of Trump's team. They were turned down. In October, however, while the election was still on (another claim of Trump's was that the spying occurred during the election), a surveillance warrant was granted.

Another trick the Obama Administration could have played was to ask for surveillance warrants of those who they believed Team Trump might be speaking with. Using this end-run, they could then still monitor Trump and enjoy "plausible deniability" when the truth was revealed.

Regardless of how it was collected, once Team Trump communications were "unmasked" and disseminated, that is when the illegal spying began. The leaks to the public through the media (which was almost certainly done by Obama appointees and partisans) are just icing on the felonious cake.

4. This Was Political Spying; This Was a Successful Watergate Bugging

The whole point behind the Watergate break-in was to bug the headquarters of the Democrat National Committee simply for the sake of political advantage -- to find out what the other side was up to.

That is exactly what happened here, and there is little doubt in my mind that was the Obama administration's intent all along, especially after Trump won, which would explain why the bulk of the spying appears to have occurred during the transition.

5. The National Media Knew All of This and Covered It Up

who do you think most benefited from all of this surveillance intel?

Of course it was the media. They are the ones who got the intel, reported it out (unnamed sources), including transcripts of phone calls that could have only come from -- wait for it, wait for it -- wiretaps!
Nolte gives specific information of specific media stories here.
6. Devin Nunes Handled This Exactly Right

7. CNN Is a Deep State Propaganda Arm

8. The F.B.I. Investigation Into RussiaGate Is Now Tainted

If Nunes is correct, we'll know more on Friday, then it appears as though the F.B.I. director lied about the Trump surveillance. At best, he was highly and intentionally deceptive.

We are also being told that the F.B.I. is now refusing to cooperate in this matter.

When you combine this with the Nothingburger CNN leak that likely came from the F.B.I. last night, there is no question the entire F.B.I. is politicized, which means its entire investigation into RussiGate is already compromised.
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